Italian Cashmere Jersey Knit Baby / Travel Blanket - Denim



Our blankets tell a story, and have a life before finding their way into your home. Made of yarn spun in Italy using only the best quality fibers, cutting-edge spinning techniques and highest standards of Italian craftsmanship, our blankets are knit and hand-finished in Los Angeles, with a focus on quality and softness.
This blanket was inspired by the perfect cashmere sweater, using a classic jersey stitch and hand-embroidered finish. The hand-written style of our embroidery reflects the hand-crafted nature of our blanket, and the care each person throughout the production process has infused into the product. Our blanket has been tirelessly perfected to achieve the perfect balance of elegance, luxury, and coziness.
Meant to be used and cherished for years. Cashmere only gets softer over time—a blanket that represents the intimate moments experienced at home.



MATERIALS 100% Cashmere
ORIGIN Made in Los Angeles
CARE Hand wash or dry clean



35 inches x 40inches