Cloud Knits is a Cashmere Essentials line that embraces a philosophy of casual luxury. Borne out of our love for interiors and a quest for the perfect cashmere blanket, our products enhance the general experience of spending time at home. 

Made of yarn spun in Italy using only the best quality fibers, cutting-edge spinning techniques and the highest standards of Italian craftsmanship, our Cashmere Essentials are knit and hand-finished in Los Angeles, with a focus on construction and softness.

All of our cashmere is certified environmentally sustainable. We maintain ethical production standards, labor practices and have transparency and traceability along all steps of the production process.

All of our extra yarn is donated to Handmade, a 501(c)3 organization, that knits donated yarn into scarves and gifts them to women and their children in shelters as they transition from victims to survivors.

We strive to make products that are sentimental and long-lasting. We offer custom orders and hand embroidery on all of our cashmere pieces. The results are the most luxurious basic’s and gifts for your most memorable occasions.

Meant to be used and cherished for years. Our cashmere only gets softer over time—a product that represents the intimate moments of life’s experiences.